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Inmobiliaria Zama, S.A. is a company dedicated to the development and construction of residential complexes, office buildings and industrial pavilions.

It operates in Vizcaya, Barcelona and eventually in Cantabria.

Inmobiliaria Zama, S.A., manages its developments for sale, lease and/or rent to buy. It is also qualified for the financing of all types of real estate, adapting to individual needs, i.e., studying customized solutions for each of our clients.

The priorities of Inmobiliaria Zama, S.A. are the quality, design and location of its developments (environment, services, communications, etc.); likewise, to offer the buyer a comprehensive maintenance service in the event of any imponderable consequence of the execution of the works.

During almost half a century, the company has known numerous social and technological changes, economic cycles, etc., and we are proud to continue in the market and that our clients continue to believe in our way of working, advancing at the pace that each time demands, using materials, installations, finishes and program of needs that have evolved inexorably over the years.

All this at the service, welfare and comfort of people of any age and condition with the aim of continuing to take on the new challenges that the XXI century will undoubtedly pose.


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