The development in question will be located on the front line of the New Santoña Marina Complex, next to the sea and the town center. It is a unique enclave, which is why it has been given a very special treatment, since in the short term it will be an urban landmark in the town of Santoña. When we conceived this development, we not only thought of it as a second home for weekends or vacations, but also as a permanent home, due to its distance, services and surroundings. We are considering different types of housing aimed at retired people, young people, divorced people, working from home (the future of a new form of work according to the trends) and, of course, as an investment, given the appreciation of the area with the creation of the Marina. Santoña is a municipality equidistant between Bilbao and Santander, located in the eastern part of Cantabria, next to Laredo, with a population of 11,500 inhabitants. Situated in the bay of the same name under the shelter of Mount Buciero, the municipality is surrounded almost entirely by the Cantabrian Sea, bordered to the north by the beach of Berria, to the south by the beach of San Martín and to the west by the municipalities of Argoños, Escalante and Bárcena de Cicero. It is important to highlight the mild and pleasant climate due to its natural orography. Santoña has all kinds of services, from schools to health services, and is one of the best equipped places in the hotel and catering trade (bars, restaurants, etc.), commerce and any other type of service.

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